Child safety on Fortnite: parent factsheet

We have become aware of a new game that can be downloaded by children, called Fortnite. This factsheet provides more information about the suitability because it is a 12+ game. It also provides information on how to keep safe and use parental controls. Please click here to download helpful factsheet for parents on this game →

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

When English is not the first language for a child, some extra support is often helpful. This leaflet explains more about the way in which we help children who are not yet fluent in English. Please click here to download our latest newsletter

Nurture groups at Benedict Primary School

Nurture groups are now in over 1500 schools in the UK and are an in-school, teacher led intervention for a group of children who would benefit from an accepting and warm environment which helps develop positive relationships with both teachers and peers. Please click on the button below to download a leaflet that contains more details about these groups. Please … Read More

School Milk Is Available For ALL Children

If your child is currently under 5, we’re delighted to confirm that we have arranged for them to receive free milk at school, funded by the UK Government’s Nursery Milk Scheme. When your child turns 5 or if they are already over 5, you have the option to pay for their milk. We have made arrangements with the UK’s leading … Read More

Home School Agreement

As part of helping our pupils reach their full potential, we’ve developed the Home School Agreement which outlines specific ways in which all of us involved with your child’s education can contribute. Please click here to see the full details

Special Educational Needs and Disability at Benedict

We have produced this booklet which may be of interest to parents. It explains the approach we take to Special Educational Needs and Disability at Benedict School. Please click here to download a copy of this booklet

Safeguarding children at our school

Benedict is committed to creating a happy and safe environment for our children to learn. These leaflets will help you understand more about how we do that. This leaflet will help you understand different ways in which we we keep your children safe. Learn more about our policies for visitors to the school site.

Habits of mind: Helping your child succeed

It’s important to teach your child the necessary skills and tools to problem solve. Using the Habits of Mind is a big part of this and you may well find this brochure useful as you seek to help your child develop positive behaviour for learning. You can download a copy of this policy by clicking on the button below. Please … Read More

Assessment without levels

The Department for Education have made some changes to the way children are assessed. Read more about these changes in this leaflet. Please click here to download