I will do my best to :

  • Show Grace, Love and Fellowship in all I do;
  • Learn;
  • Work hard and listen to instructions;
  • Come to school regularly and on time;
  • Follow the school and class rules;
  • Behave well at all times to maintain the safety of myself and others;
  • Be polite, friendly and helpful to other children and all adults;
  • Tell someone I trust if there is something I am not happy about;
  • Do my homework regularly and bring it to school on time;
  • Bring all the equipment I need every day including my PE kit, book bag and diary;
  • Take care of the school environment and living things.


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

By choosing Benedict Primary School you accept and agree to our Home School Agreement and all policies. You agree and accept that where appropriate we will share information with other agencies.

We look forward to a great working relationship with you.

Kind Regards

Ms. C.Smith, Headteacher